The Beginning and The End Series: The English Assassin Daniel Silva

I'm a voracious reader and one of things that I try to do is to read at least one book every week whether it's a new story or something that I've already read before.

I like reading either the first few lines of the book or even the last few lines. It helps me figure out if the book would be interesting enough.

In this series, I'll be bringing to you some of the books that I've enjoyed reading.

Hopefully, these would help some of you find the reading bug.

I've learned a lot from reading and I'd like to share this passion to everyone.

Please beware about possible spoilers if you read The End part.

Book Title:  The English Assassin 
Author: Daniel Silva
Publishing Date: 2002

The Beginning: "Marguerite Rolfe was digging in her garden because of the secrets she'd found hidden in her husband's study. It was late to be working in the garden, well past midnight by now. The spring thaw had left the earth soft and moist, and her spade split the soil with little effort, allowing her progress with minimal noise."

The End: "And then the knife plunged into his heart. He felt a searing pain. Then, for the briefest instant, he could see. It was a flash of brilliant white, somewhere in the distance. Then the hand released him, and back into his silken water he fell. Back into the perpetual darkness."