The Beginning and The End Series: The Target David Baldacci

I'm a voracious reader and one of things that I try to do is to read at least one book every week whether it's a new story or something that I've already read before.

When choosing a book to read, I like reading either the first few lines of the book or even the last few lines. It helps me figure out if the book would be interesting enough.

In this series, I'll be bringing to you some of the books that I've enjoyed reading.

Hopefully, these would help some of you discover the reading bug whether you use an ereader or still prefer the print version, it doesn't matter. 

Let's make a difference and start a reading revolution.

I've learned a lot from reading and I'd like to share this passion to everyone.

Please beware about possible spoilers if you read The End part.

Book Title: The Target (Will Robie #3)
Author: David Baldacci

The Beginning:

FOUR HUNDRED MEN LIVED HERE, most for the rest of their time on earth.
And then hell would get them for the rest of eternity.

The walls were thick concrete and their interior sides were layered with repulsive graffiti that spared virtually nothing in its collective depravity. And each year more filth was grafted onto the walls like sludge building up in a sewer.

The End:

She rose and placed a hand over Robie's. "It's because it's something people should do." She paused. "Even people like us." 

"Even people like us," agreed Robie.
They turned and walked off together as the light gave way fully to the dark.