My Summer Activity 2014: Bowling

I've recently taken up bowling for the Summer months. Here in the Philippines, we celebrate summer in April and May. The weather lately have been scorching that my refuge from it is to find an indoor activity and that's bowling...There's one mall here in Cebu City where they have a bowling alley and that's in SM City. It's usually full and sometimes you have to wait up to an hour for a lane to be available but it's worth it. 

Bowling is fun whether you're playing with friends or family or even if it's by yourself. Another good thing about bowling is you get better as you play more games. 
It's a great way to be healthy since it's considered an `anaerobic form of physical exercise. 

When you bowl expect no privacy. Bowling alleys are built for the public. People watch other people bowl, you'll have bowling clubs playing, families with kids bowling and even teenagers bowling with their friends. It's a very boisterous and social sport.

When I was in college, we used to play duckpin bowling and it was more challenging since the pins and balls are smaller even the lanes are smaller in diameter.

I've always pictured bowling as an American sport or leisure activity since it's been featured in movies and TV shows. I remember the TV series, "Ed", in which Ed bought a bowling alley and that's also where he has his law practice.

My image of bowling is very Americana indeed since I always associate it with the 1950's. The bowling shirts, the two-toned shoes and just the general ambiance of it all. One of my goals for this year is to encourage and promote bowling with my colleagues and friends.