The Beginning and The End Series: Be Careful What You Wish For Jeffrey Archer

I'm a voracious reader and one of things that I try to do is to read at least one book every week whether it's a new story or something that I've already read before.

When choosing a book to read, I like reading either the first few lines of the book or even the last few lines. It helps me figure out if the book would be interesting enough.

In this series, I'll be bringing to you some of the books that I've enjoyed reading.

Hopefully, these would help some of you discover the reading bug whether you use an ebook or still prefer the print version, it doesn't matter.

Let's make a difference and start a reading revolution.

I've learned a lot from reading and I'd like to share this passion to everyone.

Please beware about possible spoilers if you read The End part.

Book Title: Be Careful What You Wish For: The Clifton Chronicles 4
Author: Jeffrey Archer

The Beginning:


Sebastian tightened his grip on the steering wheel of the little MG. The lorry behind him touched his rear bumper and jolted the car forward, sending its number plate flying high into the air. Sebastian tried to advance a couple more feet, but he couldn't go any faster without running into the lorry in front of him and being squeezed between the two of them like a concertina.

The End:

He staggered to his feet and smiled when he heard the screaming. He could only wonder how many passengers on the upper deck could possibly have survived.