Beware of this text/SMS Scam! | Avoid being a victim

If you're receiving this type of SMS/text message from your phone network, beware and this is a scam!

Globe, Sun or Smart will not send a text regarding Postpaid plan discounts to a Prepaid number.

The network will not send a text message using a mobile number. Normally, network messages will be using shorter numbers (e.g. 3-digit numbers) or it will say GLOBE, SMART or SUN on the caller ID.

If you legitimately won a contest or there is a discount given, you will not be asked to send a PIN number. The format seen here is for you to send a prepaid credits worth 500php to the scammer.

And the most important thing, check out the grammar of the message. No self-respecting business or company will send out a message that is full of grammatical errors.

Be careful! Do research and go directly to your phone network to check if the messages that you receive are legitimate.