My Collection: Life Magazine

I started reading Life Magazine because of my Dad. He would buy outdated copies from book stores and we would  enjoy going through the photos and articles in it. And because of this, I started collecting them. The oldest copy that I have was a special on John F. Kennedy's funeral which was published in 1963. They used to publish on a weekly basis but because of poor sales, they became a monthly magazine. But again in the late 1990's, they finally decided to just come out with their specials and books.

Their photos clearly defined American History in the 20th Century. If you were a political or cultural celebrity or an entertainer or just simple a normal everyday person, being featured in it's covers were a big deal.

It ignited a love of photographs for me. And one of my goals was to have my own set of pictures that would resonate as well. 

For me, Life magazine clearly defined the American way of life. It's the Norman Rockwell depiction of American people, tradition and culture through photographs.