Snorkeling in Small Lagoon in El Nido Palawan

One of the attractions in El Nido, Palawan is the Small Lagoon. We weren't able to take a lot of pictures when we toured around it since we swam/snorkeled the entire length of the lagoon. You can swim or kayak when visiting this place. When we went back to our boat, we were able to swim a little and snorkel as well since our tour guide gave us some time.

The boat that took us to the lagoon area

We were able to see unusual coral shapes and different species of fish. Unfortunately, when we took the video, there were no fish but the beauty of the corals were enough.

Clown fishes in El Nido

It's very challenging to describe the natural beauty of the small lagoon. The water is very very clean even if there are a lot of tourists. The Palawan local government is able to take care of the area. 

We used a Nikon coolpix S31 camera to take the photos and videos.

Apologies for the shaky video, it's not the camera but us...amateur snorkelers in the house!