Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Six Degrees of Separation From Sarah Michelle Gellar to the Harry Potter Movie Cast

The Six Degrees Game became popular in the early 1990's and is normally associated to American actor Kevin Bacon.

The game is played by guessing or connecting actors through the movies/TV shows that they starred in together. You find their links until you reach the target actor.

I was surfing the Net the other day and came across Sarah Michelle Gellar's Filmography and I thought of connecting her to the cast of the Harry Potter movie franchise.

One of my favorite TV shows in the 1990's was WB's "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" which starred Gellar.

And it was also in the same decade when a certain Wizard conquered millions of hearts.

With her TV success, Gellar wasn't very lucky in transitioning from TV to the movies unlike other popular actors of her generation.

And here's how I started my search:

 - She starred in 'Cruel Intentions" with Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Philippe who in turn have a more successful Film career than her.
 - Philippe starred in "Gosford park" which had a houseful of British Actors.
 - While Witherspoon starred in 2 British-Themed Period Films.
 - Sarah Michelle also co-starred with Brendan Fraser and David Thewlis who had their own share of British connections.

Symbol Legend:

 - Oval-shaped symbols indicate actors who starred and were featured in any of the 8 Harry Potter movies
 - Purple boxes indicate British actors who didn't star in any of the Harry Potter movies but provided connections.

Do you also have your own version of Six Degrees?

I might do another one for the Game of Thrones cast. Watch out for that!

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Ben said...

I used to watch Buffy when I was in high school.