Queen Elizabeth II: Her Life in Pictures

Elizabeth II has been Queen for 62 years. She's the 2nd longest reigning ruler in Britain's history. And at 88 years old, looks like she's still a force to be reckoned with. She became queen when her faher died of lung cancer in 1952. 

She married Prince Philip in 1947 and because it was just right after World War II, they had to use clothing and food rations to prepare for her wedding. And most of the rations came from their British subjects. 

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip have four children, Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.  Except for Princess Anne and Prince Charles (who was invested as Prince of Wales when he was 21 years old), all of her children received Royal titles after their marriages. 

Her reign have been marked with ups and downs, successes and challenges but she'll forever be remembered as the Queen,

Quenn Elizabeth, Queen Mother and Princess Margaret

Prince Philip, Princess Elizabeth, Queen Elizabeth, King George VI and Princess Margaret

Prince Philip and Princess Elizabeth

Princess Elizabeth's Wedding Photo

Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, Princess Anne and Prince Charles

The Queen as a toddler

Queen Elizabeth II

For more photos, visit the National Portrait Gallery website.