Reading for Survival Campaign

When I was younger, I had difficulty in reading. I had to attend summer school in order to cope with my classmates. My parents were very supportive and helped me by providing books and other reading materials at home. I want this same passion to be passed on to the younger generation.

This is my first time to stage a campaign in something that I truly belive in. And if we can achieve the goals set in this project, we're looking at providing the books to the children by January 2015. These books will be a new beginning for a lot of Cebu kids.

My campaign aims to bring the wonders of reading to children living in Cebu, Philippines. Cebu is located in the Southern part of the Philippines.
There are children who only gets to hold a book while in school. Their families do not have the means or the luxury to buy them reading materials. 

Children may know how to read and write but at times might not comprehend what the written words are. One of the goals of the campaign is for kids to understand and enjoy what they are reading.

We want these children to be empowered by what they've discovered and be inspired to continue with their education.

If you want to learn more about the project or make a contribution, just click on the link: