How to Serve a Peking Duck | Tsim Sha Tsui Hongkong

What is the number one must-try food in Hong Kong? It's the Peking Duck! 

One of the Asian delicacies that shouldn't be missed when traveling to Hongkong, Peking Duck is a staple in Chinese restaurants especially the expensive ones. 

The Peking Duck server goes around the restaurant pushing a cart where he carves the duck. When you order the dish, you don't get to have the entire duck. Waiters will thinly slice the duck meat and skin in front of you. They serve them with pickled radish, onions, cucumber and hoisin sauce that you roll into a pancake-like bread (it's akin to a flat bread). It's similar to eating a soft taco or shawarma. 

Preparing to eat Peking Duck

The Peking Duck was very tasty and it's skin was crispy. There's not a lot of fat in the duck meat, at times it was a little bland for me. Maybe that's why you have to combine it with the hoisin sauce and veggies. The fat in the skin ws properly rendered and elevated the flavor profile of the dish. My family and I truly enjoyed the Peking Duck experience.

It's a must-eat when you travel to Hongkong or China. When my family and I ordered the Peking Duck, we had it in one of the best restaurants in Hongkong, The Spring Deer Restaurant.

Asdie from the Peking Duck, we also had some classic Chinese dishes like the sweet and sour pork, beef with broccoli, and fried rice among others. Do they taste different from the Filipino-Chinese way of cooking that we're used to? Yes, nothing beats the authentic Cantonese-style of cooking. You can really taste the difference.

The Spring Deer Restaurant is located in Tsim Sha Tsui and we really looked for the place since it was recommended by a cousin of ours who used to travel constantly to Hongkong. They're only open during Lunch and Dinner hours. I highly recommend that you go there early especially if you don't have a reservation because the restaurant gets pretty crowded and full.