Ice Cream Sunday with a twist of Italian

It started on any given Sunday, people tend to be lazy on this day. I was with my parents, visiting them for a few days.

We were done with lunch and looking for some dessert when I opened the freezer and found treats galore. My dad bought tons of ice cream pops, crunch bars, and cones.

I started with a crunch bar and went for a cone after. It reminded me of my childhood when the ice cream man starts blasting his music and we all would race towards him. 

A few hours after, my brother and I went to the mall to have some bonding time. There was a new craze in town and it's all about Italian ice topped with cold custard.

The place was called Rita's Italian Ice. There are a lot of flavor choices for the ice. They have cookie dough, mango, cherry, mint chocolate, banana and lots more. They have sweet, sour, tangy, fruity varieties.

For the custard, they only had 3 soft-serve choices: chocolate, vanilla and a combination of those two.

What's not to like about this ice cream mix?! You make your way towards the creamy and fluffy sweet custard and then you reach the Italian ice that has the brain-freeze effect... It would be more of an experience if you choose the fruity or tangy flavors for the ice to balance off the creaminess of the custard.

Cherry Italian ice with creamy vanilla custard

Mint chocolate ice topped with a twist of vanilla-choco custard

That Sunday was awesome! I had my fill of different kinds of yummy ice cream. And it brought back happy memories. 

I just wish that Rita's ice cream would open a store in Cebu so that I can have another round of their delicious concoctions.