Spending my afternoon at Cebu's Mooon Cafe

It started out as a frustrating day. I had problems with my phone and internet. It was a Friday and I knew that when I reported it to the phone company, it won't get fixed right away.

When I got out of the house, it was a very sunny afternoon and when you're living in a tropical country, that means the air is humid and you'll sweat a lot. Traffic was building up. My usual 5-minute commute became a 30 minute one.

I needed a boost --- a big one! It's a good thing that one of my favorite restaurants is just a few minutes from my office.

Mooon Cafe Cebu Chimichanga
My afternoon date

Mooon Cafe, a Mexican-inspired restaurant has never let me down. It's my go to place...my ever reliable pick-me-up. And I needed some major food-luvin'.

I ordered the mildly spicy Chimichanga. What's not to like? Crispy flour tortilla? Good. Beef? Good. Salsa Rojo? Good. Cheese and sour cream? Goooood!

My drink of choice in Mooon Cafe has always been their signature drink, the Secret. It's a cocktail with orange juice and grenadier liqueur. I can finish 2 glasses of it every time I go to the restaurant.

Pretty and looking delish --- Mooon Cafe's Chimichanga

Deconstructed Chimichanga

Mooon Cafe Cebu Secret Cocktail
Mooon Cafe's Secret Mocktail

After a forkful of chimichanga followed by a sip of Secret, I could actually feel all the built-up frustration flow out of me. I felt like the Energizer bunny, I could go on and on and on and on --- Mooon Cafe's magic worked again.

What's your pick-me-up resto?

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