18 'Beki' Words to Add to Your Vocabulary

The Philippines is truly a diverse country. Aside from having thousands of islands, fifty different ways to cook adobo, we also have hundreds of languages and dialects.

Filipinos are also innovative. One of the popular lingo or slang that came about during the 20th Century is known as Swardspeak or Beki.

The Philippine Gay lingo is built upon words, expressions, and existing languages (local and foreign). It's full of allusion to popular culture, celebrities, places, and even events.

Bekispeak is unique and shows Filipino ingenuity and adaptability to culture. 

In honor of Pride Month, one LGBT Advocate came up with a compilation of Beki words to help those who would like to learn the lingo. 

I'd like to thank my brother, Angelo, for coming up with this helpful collection. I've always wanted to learn a new language. 

Let the Beksionary be your guide.

Here are 18 Beki words to add to your growing vocabulary. 

1. Chanda Romero = Tiyan

2. Ermingarde / Gardo Versoza = Guard

3. Morayta / Murels / Muriatic = Mura 

4. AFAM = Foreigner

5. Egyptian Airlines / Jipamy = Jeepney

6. Kota Kinabalu = Quota

7. Maharlika = Mahal

8. Thundercats = Matanda

9. Kyota / Bataan = Bata

10. Lilet = Batang Beki

11. Anda / Ades = Pera

12. Purita Mirasol/Pureza = Poor/Mahirap

13. Jinit Jackson = Mainit

14. Boogie Wonderland = Bugbog

15. Busabos / Buselya = Bus

16. Debbie Gibson = Give

17. Portugal = Matagal

18. Bahamas = Baha

Do you know any of these words? 

Have words to add to the Beksionary?  Please feel free to leave a comment. 


Albert Barkley said…
I believe that having these words in the vocabulary, we will be able to have something best.
Anonymous said…
these added a smile to my face! wave your flag and wave it high, LGBT community !!<33
Wardrobes said…
Wow this is so good!
Anonymous said…
hi can you translate the word heart and hand, arm , talong ,sitaw in bekimon language.
Anonymous said…
Marites - female gossip (short for “mare, ano ang latest?”)
Tolits - male gossip (short for “utol, ito latest”)