Cebu Foodie's Guide to a Sugar-filled Holiday

Today is a Philippine Holiday and the only thing that I did the whole day is to partake of different delicious and yummy desserts. I had a massive sugar overload and that's the reason I'm still awake at four in the morning.

Sugary, chocolatey, gooey, hot, cold, savory, salty, fruity and creamy----name the dessert food and I might have eaten it today. I feel a little guilty since this has been a day of indulgence since I ate some of my favorite desserts.

I might have to go to a dentist after this day of sugar decadence. And don't forget to drink lots of water after devouring tons of sugar and do some exercise to sweat them all out...

Casa Verde's Lauren's Lava which is chocolate lava cake topped with vanilla ice cream

Victor's Peak by Casa Verde. What's not to like, you have chocolate and vanilla ice cream with peanut butter, cookie, whipped cream and with a cherry on top!

All-time favorite snack food---Dunkin Donuts

A Cebu Treat---Dried Mangoes

childhood favorites of mine---Snickers and Peanut M&Ms

Home-made Strawberries and Cream---Very British!

Korean Ice Cream Pops

Fudge Restaurant Macarons

More Ice Pops