Chasing Waterfalls with Instagrammer Craig Middleheaven

"While you are upon the earth, enjoy the good things that are here." -John Selden

Chasing waterfalls have become this instagrammer's 2015 number one must-do on his bucket list. Armed with his GoPro, a backpack and a sense of adventure, he embarks on this whirlwind quest to find the beautiful gifts that Mother Nature has to offer.

Craig Middleheaven also known as @itsyouthaticraig in Instagram, has made it his mission to visit as many waterfalls that Cebu has to offer. It might have started as a personal quest but now he shares his discoveries with his friends, co-workers and people who just love to see and enjoy new places. Craig has become an asset to Cebu's tourism agenda.

His popular Instagram page showcases the breathtaking and beautiful places that he has visited. Being a Cebuano, it means a lot to him to bring Cebu to the forefront of destinations that people aspire to visit.

He has traveled hundreds of kilometers from South to North ---- East to West. He has trekked, dived, climbed --- caves, hills and mountains to get to these fantastic places.

Looking at Craig's photos are truly awe-inspiring and one of these days, I'll build enough courage to join him in his journey of chasing waterfalls.

Here are just some of his amazing photos.

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