4 Amazing Works of Harry Potter Fan Art

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

I LOVE HARRY POTTER and that won't change anytime soon. From the books to the movies to Funko Pop! figurines, I collect them all. I have been a huge fan of the Harry Potter series since 2001. 

I so love Harry Potter that I asked my friend's daughter, who is a very talented artist, to draw some of my favorite characters in the book series. You'll never believe that the drawings are made by a twelve-year-old kid. She put her own twist since she's also a fan of Japanese Anime.

What happens when you combine Harry Potter and a little bit of Anime? Amazing fan art result. How I wished I'm as talented an artist as this kid. The colors are so vibrant and alive. It's absolutely fantastic what you can do with a little imagination, talent and an eye for detail.

My favorite is her rendition of Lord Voldemort. She absolutely nailed it! I so like it that I printed it, framed it, and it's hanging on my bedroom wall.

For more fabulous artwork from this young artist, visit her youtube channel: Rainbow Freddy. She has over 26,000 subscribers to her channel which showcases her animation skills.

You can also find more of her creations in Deviantart.com, her handle name is ThatNerdNamedLaura.

I might be able to convince her to do more characters if we receive a positive response from this post.

Lord Voldemort

Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley

Severus Snape