5 TV Shows about Royalty that you should binge-watch

It has been more than a hundred years since the Philippines had Royalty reign in our society. Except for our Muslim brethren in Mindanao who still practices their own kind of Sultanate Royalty. Majority of Filipinos have grown up amidst a Republican government.

Which one would you watch first?
But it shouldn't stop us from enjoying these shows that feature the going-ons of those in the Royal circles. Some of these TV shows can be streamed in iflix or Netflix.
I've been fascinated by the British Monarchy since I first read a children's book about Oliver Cromwell. And I can probably spout British Royalty trivia more than most Filipinos.

These 5 TV shows feature British kings, queens, princes and princesses. Some are based on fictional novels inspired by real historical figures. One nice thing about watching these shows is that it will pique your interest in knowing about the real people behind the characters.

1. The White Queen (2011)

This 10 episode miniseries shown in 2011 is based on the Cousins' trilogy of fictional historical books written by Philippa Gregory. The story is told through the perspective of the Royal women of the Houses of York and Lancaster during the Wars of the Roses. Elizabeth Woodville, Margaret Beauford and Anne Neville are the central characters of this show produced by Starz.

Rebecca Ferguson, Max Irons, James Frain, Janet McTeer and Amanda Hale are just some of the actors who starred in this miniseries. The time period is not your typical subject matter when it comes to television. 

I spent an entire weekend watching this on iflix. It's riveting and full of strong women characters.

Rebecca Ferguson as Elizabeth Woodville

2. The Tudors (2007)

The most famous depiction of Henry VIII was by court painter, Hans Holbein the younger. The king is shown in his most virile splendour. And so when Jonathan Rhys Meyers was cast to play Henry in this Showtime produced show, it was just appropriate. Rhys Meyers is both sensual and emotional in his portrayal. The show fitted Henry's 40 year reign in 38 episodes.

The show also brought to the world's attention, Henry Cavill and Natalie Dormer. In it's four season run, it featured actors like Jeremy Northam, Sam Neill, Mary Kennedy Doyle and James Frain (this actor sure loves his historical dramas). 

Season 1 cast of The Tudors

3. The Crown (2016) 

Netflix just continues to produce a series of quality shows that have broad appeal to its audiences. And one of them is the ambitious and successful telling of the life of the present British Monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. 

The story begins on the eve of the queen's marriage in 1947. It also highlights the first few years of her reign and her relationships with her family. The star turn of actress, Claire Foy as the queen, made this series a success. Hats off as well to John Lithgow as Winston Churchill. His resemblance was uncanny. Matt Smith portrayed Prince Philip as spoiled and bratty. And if you listen to rumors, there's some truth to it.  

A royal family picture.
The second season will start filming in June of this year.

4. Reign (2013) 

Gossip Girl meets the throne. Since this show is produced by The CW network, it's given that the target audience are young adults. The story centers around the years that Mary, Queen of Scots, spent in the French Court. 

The fourth season will be the final one in this series. Adelaide Kane stars as Scottish Princess Mary. Australian actress, Kane, looks like a young Kim Kardashian. 

(c) CW network

5. Victoria (2016) 

With the exception of The Tudors, all of the binge-watch worthy shows that I've featured are all about Women rulers. And Victoria is no exception. This show depicts the first years of Queen Victoria's rule until the birth of her first born daughter.

The series has been renewed for a second season that also includes a Christmas special which will be shown in 2017.

Jenna Coleman, Tom Hughes, Peter Firth, and Rufus Sewell heads this stellar cast.

The coronation of the young Victoria

If you're not doing anything this weekend, choose which one of these TV shows you'll get to watch first.