9 Classics to Enjoy at Bigby's Cafe and Restaurant

I've encountered the word tabun-tabon while reading Claude Tayag's book Linamnam. It's an essential ingredient to Cagayan de Oro's version of Sinuglaw; that combination of sinugbang baboy (grilled pork) and kinilaw na isda (fish ceviche). What the mashed pulp of tabun-tabon does when added to the fresh fish is to remove that fishy aftertaste. And instead of calamansi, they use suha (lime). 

I recalled this tidbit during the special event for the Press and Media at the new Bigby's Cafe and Restaurant in Central Bloc, Cebu IT Park. The newest addition to the popular restaurant chain opened its door on March 16, 2018. Two days before that I attended the luncheon hosted by the owners led by Henrik Yu, President of Bigby's Quality Food Corp. 

This is just the third Bigby's branch in Cebu along with the ones in Ayala Center Cebu and SM City Cebu. 

Bigby's has been Cebu's go-to place for family-style platters and other comfort food options. Their Sizzling Porky Steak has been a favorite of mine for years and I was a little disappointed not to see it on the menu that day. I also wanted to have their Banna Fanna that day. I was salivating just thinking about those caramelized banana fritters with vanilla ice cream topped with toffee sauce.  

But with what was served during that event, I was happy to discover new flavors to order on my next visit to the restaurant.

Another attraction of Bigby's that has not changed is their interior which has not changed over the years. Their concept that centers on travel and exploration sum up their menu offerings. Checking their menu is like going around the world. 

These nine classic bites are sure to fire up your senses.

Belly Buster Platter

All of your pork cravings will be answered by this platter. Barbecued baby-back ribs, grilled rodeo chops, and smoky pork belly, a serving of their fried onion rings and rice will truly be a tummy buster.

Tiki Wacky Chicken Salad

For those wanting to have an appetizer before their entree, I recommend this salad. It sounds weird with fruits, veggies, and chicken in it but the taste is fantastic. It has that element of sweet, savory, and salty all rolled in one bite.

Buenos Nachos

Crispy corn chips with cheese sauce, Mexican beef, and salsa fresca. This dish wasn't served during the event but couldn't resist not including it. 

Tuna Miso

This is definitely one for the books. The newest addition to the Bigby's menu, the Tuna Miso is something that I'll order on my next visit.

Tijuana Quesadillas

What I like about their Quesadillas is that you can have half an order. You can also choose from four different choices: Cheese, Chicken, Beef, and a combination of chicken and beef.

CDO Sinuglaw

Did you know that there is an annual Sinuglaw Festival in Cagayan de Oro? It's also the birthplace of Bigby's. It wouldn't be complete without this representative dish. 

New Orleans Shrimp Platter

Make sure to wash your hands before eating. This is one finger-licking good meal. The cajun-flavored shrimps paired with spiced rice makes me want not to share it with anyone. 

Cookies N Caramel Cheesecake

Swirly bits of caramel and cookie bits topped the creamy cheesecake.

HillBilly Cube Toast 

I just love cinnamon on toasted bread and to make it more indulgent, bathe it in rich native chocolate.

I've brought friends and families to dine at Bigby's Cafe and Restaurant, I've never been disappointed. Head on over now to Bigby's and relive your own food memories with these classics.