Recommended Filipina Writers and Historians for International Women's Month

Looking at the Filipiniana books in my collection, I've noticed that I have a substantial number of books written by Filipina historians and writers. I want to highlight these Filipinas who have made significant contributions to our society, history, and culture. Their expertise has been marked in various fields of study.

March 8th has been celebrated as International Women's Day for the past few decades in the United States, Australia, and United Kingdom. As such, March has also been recognized as Women's History Month

In the Philippines, History has been dominated by male writers and historians; from the Spanish missionaries to the American scholars to Filipino intellectuals. And with my small contribution, I hope more and more people would be aware of these Philippine women writers and historians. 

The video below is my homage to these amazing and inspiring Filipinas. I hope that this would make you go to the nearest bookstore or buy online for these book titles. 

Happy International Women's Month! Philippine Women Empowerment!

Watch the video here: