Why I'm Skipping the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2023 in Cebu

Me at Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2019

While I'm writing this post, I'm aware that I'll be getting a lot of flak from Cebuano bookworms and book enthusiasts. But, before anyone reacts, please read my article first.

I've been a fan of the Big Bad Wolf franchise since they first set up their book sale in Cebu in 2018. For the first two years, I was able to get VIP access and got to experience the book sale before it opened to the general public. 

At that time, Big Bad Wolf was open 24/7 during the entire duration of the book sale. We would visit the venue right after work at 6AM or after dinner during the weekends. We would even time our visits when they were about to stock up on new titles just to ensure we would be able to grab copies of sought-after books (e.g. the Percy Jackson series). 

It was an intoxicating feeling for book lovers like me surrounded by thousands of books and magazines. The one thing holding me back from buying as many books as I wanted was the budget. I enjoyed going to BBW even if I wasn't going to buy anything since it was also a way to unexpectedly meet and see fellow bibliophiles. It was a social equalizer. 

Even when the Global COVID-19 pandemic happened in 2020, I still participated in the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale albeit online, and had my books delivered to me from Malaysia. 

A couple of months ago, when I first learned that they would be returning to Manila, I got excited because I knew that they would also be going to Cebu. 

Four years after they last visited Cebu, the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is back physically. A lot of changes have been made. They're no longer a 24/7 event, there's a new venue and a shorter duration for the sale. 

Now, let me share with you why I'm skipping the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale this year.

Big Bad Wolf Book Sale fueled a lot of folks to do (massive) book hauls and this led to these books being just stacked up and unread. The Japanese have a word for this phenomenon, tsundoku. I'm guilty of this. Until now, I have books bought during the 2018 and 2019 events that are still wrapped in plastic. This year, I started decluttering my collections and I've been either donating or selling books that may spark joy to other readers. 

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In the last 4 years, my book collecting and interest have changed as well. I'm now more inclined to buy Philippine-published books with a focus on history, culture, art, and architecture. Big Bad Wolf does not carry Philippine books. The last time they were in Cebu in 2019, they did have a couple of local publishers set up kiosks outside of the main selling venue. But, they only carried limited titles and copies.

I actually wanted to attend the Manila International Book Fair that was held from September 14-17 at the SMX Convention instead of the BBW Book Sale. The MIBF appealed to me more. 

I'm a huge advocate of reading and it does not matter what type of genre you enjoy. The most important thing is that you are reading and sharing your love of books with others. 

WATCH: Buy and Donate Books at the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Cebu 2019

I've seen my Facebook friends posting about their book buys and just looking at their photos makes me smile. 

I still encourage you to go and visit the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale which will be here in Cebu until October 1st. They're now located at the Lower Ground Level, Cube Wing of SM City Seaside. Their operating hours are from 10AM to 10PM. 

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