History in Stones at Chicago Tribune Tower

Chicago Tribune Tower Facade

Winston Churchill in one of his speeches said, "History is written by the victors", and this can be proven time and time again.

One of the things that I wanted to see when I was in Chicago was the Chicago Tribune Tower. I got curious about this building ever since it was featured in one of the episodes of CSI New York. The building displays stones taken from historical places like the Pyramids of Giza, Fort Santiago, Sydney Opera House and even a piece of metal from the World Trade Center. 

The Tower looks like a memorial to all of these historical locations and places.  It can also be an imperialistic look at how the United States coursed through history. It happens and we don't realize the implications of our actions until years later. 

It was an experience looking at the stones and wondering where each stone came from. Just going around the building and reading the captions was like going to these places. It was a unique idea incorporating the stones on the building facade.

Abraham Lincoln Tomb

Original Tomb of Abraham Lincoln which was completed on 1874.

Philippine Souvenirs

Souvenirs from Manila. The Americans colonized the Philippines for more than 40 years.

American Revolution

American Revolution remnants

British Stones

Edinburgh Castle in Scotland and Westminster Abbey in England

European Stones

Rhineland and Roman Ruins

Religious Stones

 Religious stones from the Mosque of Sulieman, Reims Cathedral and Notre Dame


Sydney Opera House, Australia


Taj Mahal, Agra, India