Philippine Peso Bills - New facelift

The Philippine Peso bills had a makeover! The colors are brighter and at the back of each bill, it shows the Philippine's famous sights and scenes. The 500 peso bill now includes Cory Aquino. Is there really a law that requires only dead Presidents and heroes to be featured in paper money? Even the US dollars seems to have the same policy.

Last Christmas when my dad was giving his Aguinaldo to my cousins’ kids, one of my nephews threw the money and said that it was fake! We laughed so hard because he thought that the new bills were play-money! His dad had to explain to him that it was real and that these were the new designs.

Anyway, here in Cebu, the new bills are slowly being seen in circulation. It took about a year for us to be sprinkled by the new bills. Eventually, we'll have to collect the old bills since these will be out of circulation. Hmm...I need to look for my coin and bill collection. With my move to Cebu, I don't know if it's still in my old room.