The Escape David Baldacci Book Review

Cover Art of David Baldacci's The Escape
I found this book a true testament to the characterization of John Puller. This time around he tries to save his brother, Robert, from the machinations of those who put him in prison. This book was on my 2014 reading list.

The storyline might be a little predictable but I still found this an entertaining read. If you're a fan of David Baldacci, you won't be disappointed.

Plot Synopsis: Robert Puller was tried and convicted of treason and national security crimes. He's being held in a maximum security prison but he inexplicably escaped and became the subject of a Military manhunt. His brother, Special Agent John Puller, has been tasked to find him and bring him back to prison. Now, the Puller brothers find themselves fending enemies left and right. Will they escape and survive this fight?