A Foodie’s Guide to 6 Delicious Reasons to Eat in Casa Verde Cebu

Take your pick from Casa Verde's Menu

Casa Verde is an American-style casual dining restaurant found in Cebu City. It gives you that Diner experience with it’s numerous Americana knick-knacks and pop culture references.

As you’ll notice on my list, it’s mostly their steak and pork dishes that keeps me coming back for more. Their signature brown sauce that they liberally use on most of their meat dishes is not too sweet or tangy. It has that distinct flavor and taste that would make you close your eyes with every mouthful.

Here are my top 6 all-time favorites:

1. Brian’s Ribs -  the pork is so succulent and tender that you can easily separate the meat from the bone…The tangy and sweet barbecue sauce has that perfect balance with the pork meat. This is one of the restaurant’s bestseller. Baby-back ribs, baby-back ribs, baby-back ribs...

2. The Dax -  a surf and turf variation that includes tavern-style shrimps and USDA-quality round steak topped with their signature brown sauce and caramelized onions. If I want something meaty and filling, this is what I usually order. You can pair this with any sides --- rice, green salad, french fries or mashed potato.

3. David Dean’s Tenderloin Steak – a creamy mound of mashed potatoes topped with cheese and a USDA tenderloin steak. The steak is garnished with Casa Verde’s signature brown sauce, fried onions and roasted almonds. Whenever I need a pick me up, this is what I indulge on.

4. Karlamari – Crispy and crunchy squid rings that I can’t seem to get enough of! Their batter mix is just right---it maintains the softness of the squid even after being deep-fried. Their sweet and sour sauce go excellently with this dish.

5. John Jay’s Steak and Pasta – This is a recent favorite of mine. The steak is marinated and served with their signature brown sauce. The pasta is cooked properly and it has that perfect amount of olio sauce. I like the pairing of the olio pasta and steak. A very tasty meal.

6. Death by Chocolate – What’s not to like with this dessert?! Chocolate cookie crust --- good!; ice cream combination of chocolate and rocky road --- yummy! A generous sprinkling of chocolate bar bits and chocolate syrup --- sinfully sweet! A truly indulgent dessert. I haven’t tried finishing one on my own. It’s good for sharing.

What’s your favorite Casa Verde dish? Have you eaten in a Casa Verde restaurant? How did you find it? Feel free to share with us through the Comment box.

Casa Verde Cebu branches:

#69 Lim Tian Teng Street 
( formerly V. Ranudo ), Ramos
Cebu City, Philippines, 6000
+63 32 253.6472

The Walk, A104, Asiatown IT Park
Cebu City, Philippines, 6000
+63 32 412.3336

CASA VERDE - The Terraces
Stall 304, 3rd level, The Terraces
Ayala Center Cebu, 
Cebu Business Park
Cebu City, Philippines, 6000
+63 32 233.8885


Casa Verde is now in Quezon City! You can find their newest branch in Ayala UP Town Center, Katipunan Ave.

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