Delicious Mangosteen

Purple Mangosteen or most commonly known as Mangosteen is a fruit that is popular in Southeast Asia. It can also be grown in tropical climates like in Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Colombo and India.

Mangosteen became very popular in recent years because of the supposedly health benefits that you get when you eat them. 

The only edible part is the white fruit found inside. It's very easy to get to the fruit just by pressing the outer part and peeling it off.

The fruit has a silky texture. It has both a sweet and sour taste that is very addictive.

It's only available for a very short time since it's harvest season only last from about 6-10 weeks. 

You can purchase it fresh, bottled or canned. It tends to be a bit pricey.

I'm having my fill of the fruit since I only get to eat it once a year.