Flavored Taho is in the house | Sugbo Mercado Cebu

Lately, flavored Taho (silken tofu) is becoming a gourmand's delight. I've recently tasted the chocolate, strawberry and coffee ones from Taho Pub. I love their flavored taho. The texture is very smooth and the distinctive character of taho is not overpowered. Another difference from your usual taho, these are served cold.

The serving portion is just right for one gulp which is the best way to try different flavors. Plus, they're tapioca balls are so cute.

I first tasted Taho Pub during the Holidays in Sugbo Mercado, Cebu IT Park. And I'm happy that they're back in full force.

You can catch them during Fridays to Sundays, 3pm-12am at the Sugbo Mercado Bazaar in Cebu Business Park.

Let's support our young entrepreneurs. See you there!

Coffee, Chocolate, Strawberry flavors