The Tale of the Towels and Other White Sale Adventures at the Metro Stores

My Mommy always told me, "you can never have enough freshly laundered towels in your life". She's living proof of that mantra.

When I used to live with my parents, half of the contents of my cabinet were towels, and mind you, those towels were just for everyday use. The special ones for guests or future use were kept in another cabinet. We even have towel assignments!

Based on my mom's calculation, an average person has to have at least 4 towels to their name. Just imagine how many towels she has at her home.

When I was preparing to leave the nest, she took care of choosing the towels that I would be bringing. She had my initials embroidered on them for that personal touch.

TV character Monica Geller and my Mom have something in common, labeling and grouping their towel stash depending on use. Remember that episode in 'Friends' where there was a contest between the girls and boys and the ultimate prize was the girls' apartment?

When Ross (who was the gamemaster), asked how many towel categories does Monica have; Chandler and Joey correctly answered 11 (e.g. everyday, fancy, guest, fancy guest, etc.), I think my mom's count will be half that number.

You might ask why am I talking about towels? Well, I was going through my own towels and I realized that it's that time of the year to replenish my collection.

Try to avoid raggedy towels. Change them once they become threadbare. You can repurpose your old towels by cutting them up into squares and utilizing them as washcloths.

I decided to visit Metro Gaisano in Ayala Center Cebu since there's an ongoing White Sale that gives up to 50% off on selected towels, bedsheets, mattresses, and pillows. I knew I would be able to get some brand new things in the store. 

My Mom will enjoy the Metro Stores' White Sale. She can spend hours browsing through their items. I have to remind her that the sale is only until November 19. Luckily, there is a Metro Department Store at Market! Market!.

During my towel-shopping, I bought a couple of new ones for next year. I often choose the big, fluffy ones since they're more durable. Of course, it has to be 100% cotton so that it's soft when you use it.

On my way to the cashier, I also noticed that there are good deals on the bedsheets and pillows. I was attracted to one particular design when I walked through the bedsheet section. In short order, that ended up in my shopping basket.

There were selected comforters on discount as well.

I thought about getting a new pillow since they were also on sale but decided against it. If I bought another one, my bed would become a pillow fortress.

When shopping at Metro Department Store, do not forget to bring your Metro Rewards Card to earn or redeem your points. Sometimes, you might even double your points during Sale events.

My purchases today didn't burn a hole in my pocket (or wallet). It pays to buy the things that you need when it's on sale.

If you take delight in shopping for your home, head on over to any Metro Department Store and take advantage of the White Sale until November 19.