NEUROBION for My Pangangalay and Pamamanhid


When people meet me and find out how old I am, they don't believe that I'm in my forties. Yes, I think I can still get away looking young but there are times that my body is slowly letting me feel my age.

After spending an entire day typing on my laptop or writing in my notebook, I feel the pangangalay or pamamanhid on both of my hands. Sometimes there would be a tingling sensation or tusok-tusok that would bother me the rest of the day. I tried hand-strengthening exercises like using a stress ball, it helps but the pangangalay, pamamanhid, or tusok-tusok would still show up. I knew I needed to start taking care of my nerves especially now that we're facing the new normal.

Definitely consult your doctor if the symptoms persist and as part of your early detection plan.

To take care of my nerves, I stay active, I eat balanced meals, and I drink Vitamins B1+B6+B12 (#Neurobion). 

I just need to ensure that I'm consistent with my routine in order for me to be healthy so that I can have the #NerveToServe myself and my loved ones.