Homemade Queso de Bola Cheese Crisps

Queso de Bola is the Philippines' version of Edam cheese. It's a popular fare during the Holidays. One of the things that you can do with your queso de bola is to turn them into crisps. 

Here are 4 easy steps to make your own homemade Queso de Bola Crisps

1. You need to thinly-slice the cheese. No large pieces since Queso de bola or Edam cheese is a bit salty.

2. Place wax paper on a microwaveable plate and then place the cheese on top.

3. Microwave them for about 30 seconds or until you see the cheese melting.

4. Take the crisped cheese from the microwave and because of the wax paper, you'll be able to easily transfer the crisps to your desired serving platter.

Viola! That's how you make a cheese crisp in 4 easy steps.

Happy snacking!

Homemade Queso de Bola Crisp