Healthy Food Crawl Adventure in Cebu City

I have been living in Cebu for 10 years now and I never tried eating healthy food ever. What with the variety of restaurants and my all-time favorite Lechon available 24/7, it's quite challenging to avoid being a carnivore.

A few Sundays ago, I asked my friend, Marvs, who's following a vegan lifestyle for tips on how to eat healthy in the Queen City of the South. For 6 hours, we went around the city and looked for alternative dining and food choices. Marvs has also been sharing her lifestyle via her Instagram account, @PlantPoweredPinay.

Tofu Bao

We met up in Bo's coffee shop in Banilad Town Center and tried out the Pow Bao kiosk which was recommended by one of our friends. Pow Bao is an Asian-fusion taco bar, they serve beef and pork tacos in steamed buns or siopao buns. Before we ordered the tofu bao, Marvs had to ask what goes with it. The tofu is marinated with salt and pepper and then fried. It's basted with hoisin sauce and topped with cucumber and fried garlic. It tasted so good that I wanted to eat all 3 paos but I had to pace myself since it was still our first stop in our food crawl adventure.

Our next stop was the newly opened Echo Store, a sustainable lifestyle store, and restaurant. After going through the menu, we ordered the warm mushroom salad with guava jelly dressing. We asked them not to serve the toasted bread since we weren't sure if the bread was made with eggs. There were dishes that are marked as vegetarian but the vegan lifestyle follows more strict choices when it comes to food. No animal or animal by-products that means no eggs, milk, cream, honey, cheese, etc. 

We also looked around the store and saw some items that we could snack on. There were seaweed chicharron and dark chocolates available.

Warm mushroom salad

Our third stop was the Miller Hospital Cafeteria located in Labangon. Unfortunately, lunch hour was over but Marvs was still excited because they were selling vegetarian sausages and franks which were hard to find. They also had veggie meat and tofu. We forgot to ask if the wonder bread that they were selling was vegan as well.

Since it was getting late, we just decided to go to Ayala and look for a restaurant to have something to eat. We ended up in Mooon Cafe and it was so hard for me not to order my usual fare since it is one of my favorite restaurants.

We ordered the baked potatoes without anything on it except for salt and pepper. We also had the tortilla chips with just the salsa fresca and salsa rojo as dips. We had the sauteed mushrooms without the butter. The meal was actually fun because you get to be creative with your pairings.

Who says it's hard to eat healthy in Cebu?! There are a lot of available food sources and places, you just need to explore the possibilities.