Dimsum and Dumplings at Harbour City Cebu

On my lunch table

Last Friday, I was craving for some dimsum and dumplings and so decided to go to Harbour City Dimsum House for lunch. Harbour City is a popular Chinese restaurant in Cebu City. It's considered an institution in the food business.

Baskets of dumplings and dimsum are carted around the restaurant and all you need to do is tell the waiter what you want. There's a lot of dishes to order from but for the most part, I just stick to my all-time favorites.

Fried food goodness

baskets of dimsum and dumplings 

For this particular day, I ordered yang chow fried rice, bacon siomai (shao mai, sumai), pork siomai, sweet and sour pork and spring rolls. I ate like there was no tomorrow! I was so full by the end of the meal that I forgot to order dessert!

Dimsum and dumplings are prepared in two ways, fried or steamed. Either way, they all taste yummy. Make sure that you pair it with their rice toppings or Yang Chow fried rice. Another recommended dish is the steamed fish with plain rice. The steamed fish is a somewhat healthier option compared to the other dishes. 

Spring Rolls with sweet chili sauce

I love the concept of having food served in small dishes since your brain thinks you're eating less because of the portions but in reality, you're eating more because you order more food. Funny but true!

I'm thinking that the owners were inspired to name their restaurant after the famous Hongkong mall center to invoke Cantonese cuisine.

Harbour City restaurant is a comfort place for Cebuanos. It's a Chinese fast food tradition for them. For a quick and satisfying meal, you'll never go wrong with Harbour City.

Yangchow fried rice
Sweet and sour pork

Bacon siomai

Pork siomai

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