Leonardo DiCaprio and his 5 Academy Award Acting Nominations

Will 2016 be the year for Leonardo DiCaprio to finally snag his first Oscar gold? 

Will the Academy and its members finally recognize the acting prowess of Leo the Great?

For his more than 20 years in the Film Industry, Leo deserved to have more than 5 Oscar nominations. He has brought to the screen his charisma and talent, over and over again.

Let's take a look at the five Academy Award Acting Nominations that he earned over the years.

Leo first came to the notice of the Academy when he starred in the 1993 movie, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, as developmentally-challenged Arnie Grape. He was nominated for the Best Supporting Actor Award. He lost to The Fugitive's Tommy Lee Jones.
In his second movie collaboration with Martin Scorsese, Leo portrayed eccentric billionaire, Howard Hughes in the movie The Aviator. He was able to integrate and express Hughes' varying emotional turmoil and psychological fears and made us believe that he was Howard Hughes. This role was his first nomination for Best Actor. Unfortunately, the Oscar went to Jamie Foxx (Ray).

Leo's second Oscar nod for Best Actor was for the 2006 movie, Blood Diamond. He played Danny Archer, a white Rhodesian gunrunner, and diamond smuggler. His character started out as a self-serving and mercenary-type but at the end, he gained redemption through the exposure in the illicit trading of blood-conflict diamonds. Forest Whitaker took home the Best Actor Award for The Last King of Scotland.

In this 2013 movie, The Wolf of Wall Street, Leo played real-life Wall Street hustler Jordan Belfort. In this biographical black comedy, Leo seems to be so comfortable in his role that you could see that he was having so much fun with his character. He showed a testosterone, cynical, maniacal type of portrayal that never stopped until the movie ended. Matthew McConaughey won for his role in Dallas Buyers Club.

The Revenant is the pinnacle of Leo's acting greatness. His acting had layers upon layers of raw emotion that you never thought he could have. After watching his movies all these years, I never thought that he could still bring something new to the screen. But this movie is his ultimate redemption. He deserves to win for the way that he brought into life his character, fur-trapper and father, Hugh Glass.