Lang Leav's Valentine's Poem for AlDub (Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards)

Poet and Author Lang Leav granted Filipino TV personality, Maine Mendoza's Valentine's wish. She wrote a poem entitled, 'Stars in Love', for the Filipino celebrity couple known as AlDub which Mendoza is part of. There's also a sketch of Maine accompanying the poem.

Leav is the author of Love & Misadventure, Lullabies, Memories and Sad Girls.

She visited the Philippines during a Book-signing tour in December 2015.

Filipino bookworms and fans of the AlDub couple (Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards) are filling the various Social Media platforms of their excitement about the event.

This is what Lang Leave stated in her Facebook post:

"Hello to my friends in the Philippines. Maine Mendoza asked me if I could write a poem for AlDub so I did. ❤️ Happy Valentine’s Day! xo Lang"

Stars in Love

We were two old souls
   since time began---
   before light was measured
   in years.

We are stars that fell
   from glittering skies,
   to find each other here.



What do you think of this grand gesture from Lang Leav?

Does this somewhat rekindle the phenomenon known as #AlDub?