#RPNonFiction: Martial Law History Lessons in Twitter

"Those who don't know History are doomed to repeat it."

Twitter is not dead. It is very much alive as shown in the past few days when Filipinos flocked to the micro-blogging site to share their thoughts, experiences, ideas, and opinions on what's happening in the Philippines.

It all started with Twitter use, @Philbertdy. He originally started trending the notorious #RP69FanFic which invited Twitter users to create their own stories about the Presidentials' and Vice Presidentials' sons in raunchy scenarios.

A few days later, amidst the political drama surrounding the still contested Vice-Presidential race, as well as Millennials not knowing what Martial Law was, he invited Twitter users to talk about the years of the Marcos regime. Thus, #RPNonFiction started and caught fire with Twitter users.

Reading the stories, facts, experiences, and recollections of so many Filipinos, gave me goosebumps. I might have been a child during the last decade of the Marcos regime but I still remember how different the Philippines was at that time.

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A Martial Law victim speaks up.

Martial Law or Batas Militar should not be forgotten. Our History books should be re-written. The atrocities of this period should be taught to our children. We, Filipinos, should not easily forget or forgive. Our families might not have been greatly affected but it doesn't mean that we should turn a blind-eye to these events.

Labor Rights Activist and Martial Law victim, Edgar Jopson was shot and killed by the Military in 1982. His daughter tweets the autopsy results.

As a History-lover, this piqued my interest that I also started sharing my thoughts (@dvisualtraveler). A friend of mine invited me to search for groups or organizations that we could join in order to teach Millennials the importance of looking back and learning from the mistakes of the past generations.

We only think that we are not affected but the billions of dollars in debt and memories that were left behind will haunt not only our generation but the future ones as well.

Never Again. Never Forget. Keep #RPNonFiction alive and trending. This is not a one-off thing. Join the discussion. 

This is our reality, our history, our story.