Tempting Merienda Offerings from Cebu's Laguna Garden Cafe

Have you ever wondered what to do on a Sunny and balmy Summer afternoon? What I did is to head over to Laguna Garden Cafe and indulge on enticing afternoon snacks.

Laguna Garden Cafe or Cafe Laguna is known for their Merienda offerings. These tempting dishes are embodiments of the way Filipinos love their Merienda food. The restaurants are both located in Ayala Center Cebu and owned by the Urbina family.

Which one would you try first?

My first visit to the restaurant was during Merienda time. When I perused the menu, I was happy that there were a lot of dishes that I was familiar with since I originally came from Manila. Sometimes, certain foods have their own regional names and taste but Cafe Laguna is almost similar to the Luzon way of preparing dishes.

During my first visit, I ordered the Arroz Caldo, which is the Filipino version of rice porridge or congee. The main ingredient is chicken. Every spoonful reminded me of my Dad's version of Arroz Caldo.

Fresh Lumpia, Puto Puti, and Palabok

Another delectable choice is the Fresh Lumpia (veggies, bamboo shoot or heart of palm wrapped in spring roll wrapper). It has generous portions and good for two people.

Their Palabok is savory and gratifying. It comes with 2 pieces of Puto Puti (steamed rice cake flour). If you want more of the Puto, you can always order more since it's priced per piece.

You can also make your own Halo-halo. You can choose from the special Halo-halo station the ingredients that you want in your own concoction.

The different fruits and sweet ingredients of Halo-halo

Who doesn't love Leche Flan? It's rich and caramelized and milky. Fit for someone who has a sweet tooth.

Traditionally, Puto Bumbong (steamed purple yam and glutinous rice flour with coconut shavings) can be seen prepared and served during the Holidays but now if you're craving for one, Cafe Laguna will make one for you. 

Here are more of my recommended choices from Laguna Garden Cafe's Merienda menu.

Palitaw (fried sticky rice with sugar and toasted sesame seeds), Bibingka (rice cake with salted duck egg), Turon (caramelized fried banana with jackfruit crepe)--- all of these will be your instant favorites when you've tasted them. If you notice, we have a lot of rice cakes on the menu since Filipinos love anything that has rice in it. But they all taste differently since the way that the dishes are prepared also differs. 

Turon, Leche Flan, and Puto Bumbong

They also have fruit juices and shakes that you can choose from. What we normally order is the Sago't Gulaman cooler. You might just want to add a little more sugar syrup if you want the drink sweeter. 

Chocolate milkshake and Sago't Gulaman

The last thing I could say about these Merienda offerings from Laguna Garden Cafe is to try everything on their menu! Super delicious afternoon treat!

Craving for more? Here are my 5 tasty choices for Cafe Laguna.

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