Don't Just Dream, Go and Experience | Cebu's International Travel Festival 2016

"Don't dream, just go!"

3 days
Over 102 Exhibitors
Numerous destinations
thousands of visitors and travelers
Big discounts and huge promos

These are just some reasons to flock to Ayala Center Cebu on July 15-17 to experience the 3rd International Travel Festival. This is one of the much-anticipated events that a traveler waits for. 

Discounts and promos are a must for people who have itchy feet and wants to wander around. As the world gets smaller and accessible because of the many ways and opportunities that are opened up for tourists and travelers. There is a need to create avenues for tour operators, travel agents, insurance agents, airlines, resorts, hotels, and financial institutions to reach out to the expanding market of Travel and Tourism.

Everyone's dream is to travel and explore, and during the course of the International Travel Festival, I'm pretty confident that I'll be able to plan an itinerary and make it happen.

Another new aspect of the ITF for this year will be the adoption of July 16 as Tourism Students Day. There are quiz bees, industry talks, and the culminating activity of the Search for Ms. ITF Ambassadress 2016

Candidates for the Ms. ITF Ambassadress Search 2016

They have invited the various Universities and Academe of Cebu to participate and promote Travel and Tourism. 

On it's second year is the Cebu Travel Exchange that will be held on July 14, 2016 at the Radisson Blu Hotel. This is a unique program where 30 foreign buyers will be hosted to meet Philippine sellers and established their own partnerships.

Exciting happenings in July brought to you by International Travel Festival 2016. 

Don't miss out on all the action. Grab the opportunity.

Mark your calendars. See you all there. 

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