Let's Meat up at Anzani | Cebu meets True Aussie Beef and Lamb

What happens when you gather a cast of International guests, a Mediterranean restaurant in Cebu, Australian wines, and true Aussie beef and lamb dishes in one roof? It's an impressive dinner party that celebrates food that is truly good in every way. 

The first ever Let's Meat Up event in Cebu, sponsored by the Australian Trade Comision and  Meat and Livestock Australia, was held at Anzani Restaurant in Cebu City. It was a night of good wine, appetizing hors devours, engaging conversations and of course, exceptional beef and lamb dishes.

A night of great food

We met Natasha Monks, Australian Trade Commissioner, and Paul Perez, MLA Country Manager Philippines, who gave us a background on what Meat and Livestock Australia is all about. They also shared with us that Australia and the Philippines are celebrating 70 years of Diplomatic and Trade relations. Natasha and Paul also shared their own way of cooking the perfect steak.

Natasha Monks, Australian Trade Commissioner

Australia and the Philippines started it's Diplomatic Relations in 1946, right after the end of World War II. Since then, Australia has been providing 47% of the beef imports in the Philippines. 90% of those imports are grass fed beef. Australian beef and lamb products can be bought in the Philippines through supermarkets and grocery stores.

Paul Perez, MLA Country Manager Philippines

True Aussie Beef & Lamb has a lot of integrity. It has a proud heritage that is passed from one generation to another. Australian meat products are guaranteed traceable from farm to plate.

Tasmania, an island state that is located 240 miles to the south of Australia, has produced beef that is more natural, safer, and healthier because of its unique location.

Cape Grim beef is Australia's finest grass fed beef. It is Tasmania's best beef producing area. Cattle are free range. It is pure beef made by nature. It promotes sustainability not only to the farmers but also to the Environment.

Guests for this special event included Hoteliers, Chefs, Restaurateurs, Media, Bloggers, and business/trade partners.

Dinner Preparation

Pre-dinner cocktails included Hardy's Chardonnay and Benchmark Cabernet Sauvignon to set the mood. There was a savory tartlet with seared sesame crusted Australian lamb with wild mushroom ragout and cream. I also liked the Pan Frito with roasted Australian beef, garlic, bell peppers and basil. There was also an assortment of pastries to help with our anticipation for the main dinner.

Pan Frito and Savory Tartlet
sweet and savory delights

Chef Marco Anzani prepared a three-course dinner menu that provided an avenue for the guests to truly appreciate the genuine taste of real beef and lamb. The wine choices were very well-thought of and it was a wonderful idea to have Australian wines to enjoy as well.

Splendid wine selection

Chef Marco Anzani and his wife, Kate.

Without further ado, let me present to you the sumptuous and elegant dinner that we had that night.

First Course
Australian Beef Carpaccio accompanied by Wild Arugula salad and mustard cream
D'Ardenberg "The High Trellis" Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

The Cabernet Sauvignon has a fruity flavor and aroma. A great way to start the dinner. It matched the salad nicely since the wild arugula has a very strong flavor as well. The Carpaccio had a luxurious taste to it. Definitely, only the freshest ingredients went on our plates. Truly an organic dish. 

Appetizer course

Second Course
Homemade Cannelloni filled with Australian lamb shoulder stew and Ricotta cheese oven baked with cherry tomatoes and parmesan cheese
Xanadu Next of Kin Chardonnay 2013

Italian meets Australian in this dish and it was a perfect combination. The cannelloni was baked nicely. It was a melt-in-your-mouth experience. I never knew lamb could be so mouthwatering. 

The wine didn't overpower the Cannelloni, it actually enhanced the flavor profile of the lamb stew and ricotta cheese. It was a subtle pairing for this course.

Delectable Cannelloni with Australian lamb stew

Main Course
Cape Grim grass fed beef tenderloin with mushroom sauce and enhanced with truffle sauce. With potato dumpling garnishing the dish.
Grant Burge 5th Generation Shiraz 2014

The beef tenderloin was grilled pink and when you cut into the steak, you can see the juice flow out. This is truly how good quality beef should be prepared. And Cape Grim beef did not disappoint. I'm a steak aficionado and that enchanted Friday night, I've met my match. 

The slight caramelization of the tenderloin intensified the umami flavor of the dish. The texture of the meat was similar to butter. Pure and unadulterated. That's what good beef should be. You can taste, touch and feel the difference of grass fed beef.  

The Shiraz wine has a slight hint of chocolate. It was has a smooth body and aroma. Excellent choice for the beef tenderloin. Very complimentary.

Cape Grim grass feed Beef Tenderloin Truffle
Grilled pink or medium rare

Trio Dessert
Chocolate-cherry baton
Dark and white chocolate mousse 
Cebu mango sorbet; butter soil
Homemade limoncello

How to end a fabulous dinner? With a trio of sinfully sweet treats. I loved the Mango sorbet the best. It was a refreshing dessert. Plus, I'm a sucker for chocolate mousse. I would have wanted more of the sherbet though.

Trio Dessert

No words could describe the exhilarating feeling that a gourmand like myself experienced that night. It truly was an impressive dinner that highlighted the stars of that evening --- True Aussie beef and lamb products.   

I'm excited that Cape grim and other grass fed products are now available in top Cebu restaurants and supermarkets.


Empty plate, Happy tummy

A clean plate

Meat and Livestock Australia is a marketing, research and development body for Australia's red meat and livestock industry. MLA is a not-for-profit organization owned by cattle, sheep and goat producers. It is funded by a levy on livestock sales, with the Federal Government providing matching funds for R&D investment. MLA is a service provider to the red meat, and improving profitability, sustainability and global competitiveness.

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