Fudge Cebu: More Than Just A Dessert Experience

This is the usual Saturday night scene ---- Me, looking for a place to hang out and have dessert, I gravitate towards Fudge because of their cheesecakes and their ever famous lava cake. 

The Lava Cake

But there's more to Fudge --- it's more than their cakes, cookies, and meringue offerings. It's a full course dining experience.

The third Zomato Foodie Meetup in Cebu was held in their Ayala branch. When I got the invite, I immediately re-arranged my schedule to make room for Fudge. That was how excited I was.

My fellow foodies and I feasted on the delectable dishes specially prepared by Fudge for us. It also became special since the owners, Cathlene and Augie Lontok, were there to regale us about how they came up with their food recipes. I knew just by listening to them, how passionate they are. And that there's an added personal touch to every food that is served to their customers.

And if I were asked to create a five-course menu from the appetizing eats that they have, here are my choices.


Cream of Pumpkin with bonito flakes - This is one of the best pumpkin soup I've tasted. It's not heavy and the somewhat sweetness of the pumpkin is balanced by the saltiness of the bonito flakes (Japanese dried and fermented skipjack tuna). Plus when you order this, you get a little entertainment on the side since the flakes appear to be dancing.

Cream of pumpkin with dancing bonito flakes


Manguava - I grew up eating guava or bayabas and when I found out that they had made a guava vinaigrette, I got excited. The salad had ripe mangoes, lettuce, roasted cashews topped with the vinaigrette. You have the sweet and sour elements that go well together. You might want to ask the server not to mixed in the vinaigrette since there's a tendency to overly drenched the salad of it. 

Flavory Manguava Salad


Shrimp and Aligue Spaghetti - Being half-Kapampangan, I'm used to eating crab fat or aligue. This meal was wickedly delish. Crab aligue is rare in Cebu and they have to import it from Manila to get the best product.

What with the shrimp and crab fat, the dish doesn't have that strong seafood flavor or smell which is a good thing. I would have preferred if they served it with a slice or two of toasted bread. The bread would help with the richness of the spaghetti.

Luscious Shrimp and Aligue Spaghetti

Meat Course

Grilled Pork Steak - I'm a self-confessed carnivore and so I didn't pass the chance to sample this savory dish. The portion is just right whether you have an average or big appetite. The pork was tender and whatever spices that they used, didn't overpower the meat. It would be nice if the customer would be able to choose between French fries or mashed potato as the starch component of the dish.

Pork Steak with Fries and Veggies

This is the hardest decision I have to make since there are a lot of sinfully good sweets to choose from. 

Pizookie is the new secret dish of Fudge. It's chocolate chip cookie baked in a skillet topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. It's made to order and it's not yet on their menu. I can finish the entire skillet of a Pizzokie. The cookie is to die for!!! You really have to munch on this.

Sweetness overload Pizzokie.

Frozen Lemon Pie - We, Filipinos, are fans of sweets for desserts. And we crave for sweets right after a huge meal. But it doesn't hurt to try something different. When I tasted the frozen lemon pie, I became a convert. Tartness is the new sweetness! 

Honorable Food Mentions:

Clockwise: Pork and Beans; Clam Chowder; Army-Navy; Adobo Ravioli

How would I describe Fudge? Their dishes are not your typical Filipino fare. While I was dining on their mouthwatering food, I keep thinking about American Southern cooking. Fudge has the components of being the new American-style soul food with a Filipino twist.

Fudge Locations:

Fourth Floor, The Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu, Cebu Business Park, Cebu

Phone number: 032 2600528

888 A. S. Fortuna Street, Banilad, Cebu. 

Phone number: 032 4161727

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