Gabriel Allon and The Black Widow | Daniel Silva

Who and what is the Black Widow? Are you ready for the truth? If someone approaches you to go undercover in the new and deadly world of terrorism, would you take the challenge? Would you risk everything and everyone?

The 16th Gabriel Allon Book The Black Widow
The Black Widow book cover (c) Goodreads

In this 16th book about Art Restorer and Master Spy, Gabriel Allon, he gets entangled with a new type of terrorist group, ISIS. The events in this novel were so realistic that it gave me goosebumps while reading it. 

It's the world at war and the problem is you don't know who and where your enemy is. Fanaticism and distortion can consume your enemy and they become a dangerous weapon.

The Black Widow also celebrated Allon's transition as head of the Office, the Israeli's Spy Agency. It was a reunion of sorts since it featured several characters from past stories. 

If you're familiar with Silva's writing style, you'll feel at home with this novel. At the end of the book, I asked myself, what would the next book in the Allon series look like after he settles down in Jerusalem? Would he still be in the field, running after his enemies or would he just be content taking care of his twins? Would he still have time to restore great works of art? 

With every reading of an Allon book, it's like watching CNN or BBC about current events. It's timely and no weird, over-the-top conspiracy. 

I hope we'll be able to find out in the 17th installment of Gabriel Allon's adventures. Looking forward to it next year.