Mojito Madness at the Cebu Marriott Hotel

Imagine yourself wearing a straw Fedora hat and a Guayabera shirt sipping an ice cold Mojito and smoking a cigar. You can actually feel that you're on a Caribbean holiday.

There are three imports Cuba is known for --- cigars, rum, and Mojitos! And Cebu Marriott Hotel is bringing a Mojito invasion by introducing the Unlimited Mojitos project to Cebuanos and it's guests. 

There are 6 basic components to a Mojito: rum, sugar, mint, soda water, lime juice and lots of ice. Nowadays, folks are becoming more inventive and daring in their taste buds. Mojito ingredients have become unconventional that you can add non-traditional fruits like dragon fruit, pear or even pineapple.

Dragon fruit mojito
Dragon fruit mojito

For 599php net, you can create your own Mojito concoction with the freshest ingredients and the best rum in the market, Bacardi or take advantage of the highly-skilled and friendly bartender to mix up your special mojitos.

It was a surreal experience making and drinking your own Mojitos. And to make it a more incredible night, invite your friends to come along with you. 

Various fruits

White and Gold rum from Bacardi

I tried out the Unlimited Mojitos last Saturday night and it was perfect. Great live music, quesadillas and countless of Mojitos fueled me.

My mojito was a combination of the classic and new. I added cucumber slices, pear, pineapple, calamansi, lime juice, lemon slices, simple syrup and lots of mint leaves. With 2 splashes of Bacardi Gold to give that extra kick to the flavor.

Mojito ala TVT

Classic Mojito

Mojito madness is from 6pm-9pm, every night at the Cebu Marriott Hotel. Don't miss out on the fun. Take advantage of it all and do the Mojito challenge.

You can call (032) 411-5800 or email for reservations.