12 Classic Pinoy Hugot and Pick-up lines that are so corny

Ah, love. You win some, you lose some. It's a neverending quest to find that person to spend your lifetime with. 

What is Hugot? It's a Filipino word that means pull out or drawn out. But recently, Hugot became a catchphrase for something that is deeply emotional especially love. It can be triggered by a song, a word, an action or a movie. 

Hugot lines have been in vogue even decades ago. It's just that people didn't know how to collectively say it.

Pick-up lines are akin to Hugot lines. It's a conversation starter that has a twist of humor in it. It's normally used when you want to get the attention of your crush or someone that you find attractive.

While going through my photos, I remembered some hugot and pick-up lines. I also thought of some new ones as well. They're so corny that they may actually work. 

My apologies if there are a lot of food references. I was hungry when I was doing this blog post.

Words are powerful tools to express oneself. Words are the lifeblood of language. 

1. Our favorite sticky rice just became a pick-up line.

Biko, my love so sweet.

2. How Spicy can you get?

What's your hotness level?

3. Just wanna be your teddy bear

Soft and cuddly teddy bear

4. Me and my shadow

Stalker mode

5. Love in the computer age

The original line used a typewriter

6. Why do I associate love with food? 

Picture first before eating

7. Melts in your mouth? 

Wrong chocolate?

8. The hottest love team on the planet, and it can't be us?!

Why can't it be the two of us?

9. Sabado nights be like ----

Bitter much?

10. An old-fashioned #Hugot line.

11. It's the season of giving, it's the season for collecting these.

Which one is better? The mermaid or the bean?

And last but not the least, the most cheesiest of them all --- 

The cheesier, the better