A Cebu Foodie and Mang Larry's Isawan

If you ask any alumni or student of the University of the Philippines - Diliman Campus, they all know Mang Larry's Isawan.

A Cebu Foodie needs to experience Mang Larry's Isawan when one visits Metro Manila. It's a foodie destination that you shouldn't miss. I'm not really a fan of Isaw (chicken or pork intestines) but when you get to taste Mang Larry's, you will be a convert.

The best parts are the tastiest
Filipinos love eating street food. It's fast food, yummy and affordable. And everyone has a favorite or two. 

We, Filipinos believe in the saying, "waste not, want not". We don't waste any chicken  or pork part. We use and cook all of their body parts.

From humble beginnings, Mang Larry's now have several branches in Quezon City. 
This iconic food stall has even been immortalized by Manix Abrera in his comic strip, KikoMachine.

In a span of two days, I was able to buy my share of Isaw and other barbecued innards in two different Mang Larry's.

The original Mang Larry's Isawan in UP Diliman

Since these foods are high in cholesterol and uric acid, I had to prepare myself. I drank lots of water, took my multi-vitamin tablet and forced myself to have some detoxifying tea before I embarked on this gastronomic adventure.

Once in awhile, you can let yourself be tempted by these barbecued food.

There are about an average of 8-10 different menu choices that the Isawan is offering. But the most popular dining options are the Isaw manok, Special pork Isaw (similar to chicarron bulaklak) and Isaw Pork. 

You can dip them in either their special vinegar mixture or sweet sauce. You can even combine both sauces to create your own. 

What's your poison?

What I like about their Isaw is that it tastes clean. There's no aftertaste. And it's also cooked well. They boil the ingredients first before grilling them.

You can eat them with rice or have them ala carte. They go well with ice cold beer. I've seen folks buy platefuls or bags of these good stuff.

The prices are shockingly low. Average price per stick is at 6php. 

In a span of two days, I ate in a couple of branches of Mang Larry's. I went to the first and original branch in U.P. Diliman which is right across the International Center. The second one was in Grub Hub (more about this place on my next post), a new food complex in Visayas Avenue.

Prices and serving sizes are different between the Original Isawan and it's branches.

Isaw options:
Balun-balunan (stomach)
Liver/Atay (chicken)
Botchi (chicken neck or thorax part)
Goto (pork innard)
Isaw Manok
Isaw Pork
Special Isaw Baboy
Pork Barbecue
Tainga (pork ear)
Chicken ass

Grub Hub location 

Hopefully, I won't feel anything, healthwise, after this indulgence.