Filipino-American Author Christina Newhard launches Children's Books at Casa Gorordo Museum

Si Kalipay ug ang Kinagamyang Tiktik

Brooklyn-based, Filipino-American Christina Newhard pays homage to her Filipino roots by launching three Children's books written in local Filipino languages.

The Book Launch will be held on June 26 at Casa Gorordo Museum in Cebu City.

The books are designed for children 5 to 8 years old and can be used as teaching tools. Each book includes a bilingual glossary and discussion/activity questions. The stories teach core Filipino values (community, respect for elders, tolerance) and Philippine subjects (weaving, folklore, migration).

The book “Si Kalipay ug ang Kinagamyang Tiktik” is in Cebuano, “Si Melo A Mahakay A Umang” is in Ivatan, while “Si Amina Y El Ciudad de Maga Flores” is Chavacano.

The stories were developed during Ms. Newhard's many trips back to the Philippines. She worked with various talented illustrators, translators, and authors. For the book, "Kalipay and the Tiniest Tiktik", Ms. Newhard worked with multi-awarded Cebuano writer Jona Bering for the Cebuano translation and Happy Garaje for the illustrations.

Christina Newhard left her graphics design job at Columbia University to pursue this passion project.

Si Amina Y El Cuidad de Maga Flores

Si Melo a Mahakay a Umang


Andrew James said…
Is Ms. Newhard a full-blooded Filipino? It is very overwhelming and heart warming that she left her job to pursue these learning materials for kids. I am very happy that she promotes the Filipino culture at the highest degree she can. I hope she'd also consider making tagalog translated materials and books.