PickApp: A Cebuano On-demand Delivery App

A few years ago when I transferred to Cebu, when you ask a local how long to get to a particular place, they'll answer "15 mins". But now because of the surge in traffic, it's no longer the case. My usual travel time from one place to another has doubled. 

At one point or another, we've been in a situation where we've forgotten our phone or wallet at home and we had to go back to get it. It adds to our travel time plus the stress of making sure not to be late for work.

Wouldn't it be convenient to have an option to have the forgotten item delivered to us instead of going back for it? It will save you both time and money.

Let's look at another example, if you're an entrepreneur or a small-business owner and you need your product to be moved from one place to another, what's widely available are overnight courier services which would take time and can lead to poor customer satisfaction.

While browsing through Play Store, I discovered a Cebuano-made app called PickApp which is an on-demand delivery service that caters to businesses and residents of the cities of Cebu, Mandaue, Lapu-Lapu, and Talisay.

PickApp was created by the team from Computed System Solutions and started its operations in 2017. The app is easy to use. It works similarly with the available ride-sharing app that's out on the market.

How to use PickApp? The first thing you have to do is to download it for free from Play Store (the app is currently only available for Android phones). 

Navigating through the different screens of the app is hassle-free.

Next step is to enter the Pick-up and Drop-off locations. Make sure that your location service is turned on. Once you've encoded the data, the delivery price will be shown.

Price is calculated by distance and not by weight nor quantity. It utilizes Google Map to get the accuracy of addresses and distances.

Complete the info on the details page (the type of item, recipient's name, and phone number, e.g.). You can choose which type of package will be sent: document, parcel, food, or gift.

If you have further instructions, you can write it down on this page. There's a section for this. After, a confirmation page will be shown for you to review.

Once you're paired with the nearest driver, his information (name, license number, etc.) will be shown on the screen. You'll also receive a text message for added verification.

You'll be able to track the route of your package which is another feature of the app. Customer service is also accessible to users.

It helps that we now have PickApp in Cebu as an alternative choice for our on-demand delivery needs.

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Download the app in Play Store.