Vault Board Game Cafe in Cebu Opens to Gamers

For the past couple of years, Board Game Cafes have been sprouting in and around Metro Manila. The Cebuano crowd is starting to appreciate cafes like this. I'm predicting that a few months from now, this would be the new fascination of the Cebuanos.

Introducing Vault Board Game Cafe which is on it's soft-opening. It provides an avenue for board game enthusiasts play different games with friends and families. It also becomes an avenue for gamers to meet and discuss their favorites.

You just need to pay PHP150 per person and you can play as long as you want, as many as you want. If you're not familiar with the rules of a particular game board, there is a Game Master who will guide and instruct you on how to play the different games that they have on hand.

Vault Board Game Cafe also offers a variety of refreshments that would help gamers be nourished and ready for more action.

The cafe is usually open by around 3pm and closes at 10pm or 11pm depending on the day of the week. On weekends, they have longer hours.

I'm so happy that they have Catan and Ticket to Ride since those are my recent addiction.

Vault Board Game Cafe is located in The Greenery, Mabolo.