A Chocolate Bonanza at 10 Dove Street Confectionery Cebu

"Chocolate makes everything better."

A chocolate bonanza is happening at 10 Dove Street Confectionery in Oakridge Business Park from September 28 to October 5. One of Cebu's originals, 10 D.C., shifted through it's treasure trove of recipes to bring unique flavors to the Cebuano cake scene.

The next seven days will be filled with gooey, luscious and sweet chocolates. From cakes to cupcakes to cake pops to drinks, the popular restaurant will overflow with chocolatey goodness.

When I first saw the buffet table bursting with all things chocolate, I forgot about my sugar diet. The only thing that went into my mind was that I gotta try a couple of slices to satisfy my craving.
I actually was able to try 3 cake flavors: Hey, Charlie Brown, German chocolate and chocolate Bundt cake. Each bite was a delight. There were quite a few surprises. And I won't spoil them for you because it would be better if you tried them yourself.

I enjoy a chocolate bar once in a while. And one of the best in the market comes from San Francisco's Ghirardelli Chocolate Company. If you like their chocolates, you'll definitely be in heaven with 10 D.C.'s choco slices, they use Ghirardelli. 

It would be great if you can taste as many slices as you can, share them with your friends or family and choose your favorites. Food is better when you have it with good company. 

What flavor are you?

It's so hard to choose from these cakes.

Don't miss out on ordering their Limited Edition drink, Chocolate Shake Overload which is only available during this time. It's top secret so it's not on the menu. And I assure you, it's not as sweet as it looks. I drank the shake and avoided the toppings. It's that good.

Top this! Everything except the kitchen sink.

I've always enjoyed the vibe at 10 Dove Street. It's light and airy plus the staff are friendly. Ask for their recommendation that would go well with your coffee or tea.

Every weekend, they also have live acoustic music to help you savor your sweet tooth treats.

Head on over to 10 Dove Street Confectionery, and get your chocolate fix. Make your days memorable.

Good news to cake enthusiasts, new branches of 10 Dove Street will soon open in Axis Entertainment in Escario St. and SM City Seaside before the year ends. Adding to the vibrant restaurant scene of Cebu.