This is what Landers Superstore Cebu would look like when it opens

Landers Superstore is set to open its first branch in Cebu in May 2017. This is the third store in the Philippines and the first outside of Metro Manila. They've been building the excitement of the Cebuano public since November of last year. It was a great decision for them to open within the city. It's near Ayala Center Cebu and public transportation is not a problem. 

The Cebu branch of Landers is located along Cardinal Rosales Avenue beside the IEC Pavillion and 23 Minore Park.

Landers Superstore is a membership store that offers a different kind of experience to its members. I've been to their branch in Balintawak since that's where my family shops. 

When I visited the Cebu branch yesterday, they're still preparing the place for the Grand Opening in May 2017. They are currently accepting membership applications on site. Their Buy One Take One Membership Promo is available until May 31, 2017. You only pay 800php.

Once the official opening happens, normal hours of operation will be from 9 AM to 9 PM.

As a member, you also have Gas deals with the Landers-owned Caltex Station. You get 2php off for every liter of gas and 1.50php off for every liter of diesel. 

Federal Barbers is also set to open and free haircuts are provided to members.

When I went home during the Holidays, I was able to get some photos of Landers Balintawak and the set-up will also be the same with Landers Cebu.

To whet your curiosity, this is what Landers Superstore Cebu would look like when it opens in the month of May (minus the Christmas decor).


Their Dining area is way different from any other membership stores in the Philippines. It's bigger and more food options. They offer fast food like Pizza, Hamburgers, Fried Chicken, Gelato ice cream, cakes, pastries, hot and cold coffee-based drinks.

Pizza, Fried Chicken, Hamburgers

The Dining Experience

Coffee and Desserts


"We sell a mix of top-notch imported and local products. these include basic grocery items, electronics, apparel, health and beauty products, items for your home and much more!" -


Application forms, Photo capture, and printing of permanent membership card.

Are you excited for Landers Superstore to open in Cebu?

Entrance and Exit Area