Cebu Foodie's Guide: Must-Try TAHO | Ulli's Streets of Asia

One of my favorite breakfast food is Taho which is made from soy with caramelized liquid brown sugar (arnibal) and tapioca pearls (sago). Taho can be eaten with a spoon or slurped. I actually prefer slurping it. 

Taho can either be served hot or cold. Taho is normally sold by food peddlers and recently there have been food kiosks or restaurants that are specializing in this soy-based snack. They have flavor variations like Buko Pandan or Strawberry. 

I still like the original and classic Taho. It invokes a lot of childhood memories for me. So, whenever I crave for some Taho, I just head over to the Cebu restaurant known as Ulli's Streets of Asia where they serve cold Taho. 

Philippine taho's origin came from China. That's also the reason why most Southeast Asian countries have their own version of Taho. When you visit the Philippines, add Taho to your must-try food list.