Grand Theft Auto 5 Trivia Quiz

GTA5 is one of my favorite console games and here's something that I created for fellow fans.

How many can you answer?

Grand Theft Auto 5 Trivia

1. What is Michael De Santa's real name?

2. What is the name of Michael's son?

3. Who is Franklin Clinton's best friend?

4. What is the counterpart of Los Santos in the real world?

5. What is the name of Franklin's boss at the start of the story?

6. What is the name of Franklin's aunt?

7. Who is Michael's therapist?

8. What is the name of Michael's and Trevor's friend who was with them in North Yankton?

9. What device was the cause of Jay Norris' death?

10. What company did Jay Norris own?

11. Which Irish-American gangster from GTA IV Liberty City appears as a crew member?

12. Which Lost gangmember did Trevor Philips' kill after finding out that Michael is still alive?

13. Who is Molly Schultz's boss?

14. What is the name of Michael's FIB handler?

15. What is the name of Michael's wife?

16. What is the name of Michael's daughter?

17. Who is Trevor's conspiracy theorist gang member?

18. Who is the FIB superior who orders Franklin to kill Trevor?

19. Who is the head of the Los Santos Triads?

20. What do Michael and Trevor consider "The Big One"?

21. What is the name of the antagonist Private Security Firm featured in the game?

22. Who is Michael's favorite film producer who also becomes his business partner?

23. What is the name of the film that lists Michael as an Associate Producer?

24. What is the name of the Realit TV show that Michael's daughter wants to join?

25. What is the name of the Strip Club that becomes Trevor's HQ?

26. What is the name of Wade Hebert's stevedore cousin?

27. What is a distinctive feature of Wade's?

28. What is the name of the radio and TV host who tried to harass Michael's daughter?

29. What is the name of the lady who gives Trevor his Bail Bond missions?

30. What is Trevor's original home base?

31. In one of the random events, a guy who's bike was stolen, gives the protagonist 100,000 worth of stock. Which company stock is it?

32. Name the wife of the Mexican Drug lord who Trevor kidnaps.

33. Name the character who gives Franklin his Assassination targets.

34. Name the cab company that Franklin can purchase.

35. Who were the Mexican drug gang that Trevor finishes off in sandy Shores?

36. Name the Movie Studio located in Los Santos.

37. Who is Franklin's ex-girlfriend who is marrying a doctor?

38. Name the jewel store that was robbed by Michael and his gang.

39. What's the name of the high-end clothing store in Los Santos?

40. What is the name of the U.S. military base located in Blaine County?

41. Who killed startlet Leonora Johnson?

42. Name the cult that is activated by Micahel's character.

43. What is the airfield that Trevor can purchase in Grapeseed?

44. What dog breed is Chop?

45. Name Franklin's and Lamar's rival gang?

GTA 5 Answers 1. Michael Townley 2. Jimmy De Santa (Jimmy Townley) 3. Lamar Davis 4. Los Angeles 5. Simeon Yetarian 6. Denise Clinton 7. Isiah Friedlander 8. Brad Snider 9. cellphone (with explosive) 10. Lifeinvader 11. Packie McReary 12. Johnny Klebitz 13. Devin Weston 14. Dave Norton 15. Amanda De Santa 16. Tracey De Santa 17. Ron Jakowski 18. Steve Haines 19. Wei Cheng 20. robbing the Union Depository 21. Merryweather 22. Solomon Richards 23. Meltdown 24. Fame or Shame 25. Vanilla Unicorn 26. Floyd Hebert 27. clown make-up (facial make-up) 28. Lazlow (Jones) 29. Maude (Eccles) 30. Sandy Shores 31. Animal Ark 32. Patricia Madrazo 33. Lester Crest 34. Downtown Cab Company 35. Aztecas 36. Majestic Studios 37. Tanisha Jackson 38. Vangelico Jewel Store 39. Ponsonby's 40. Fort Zancudo 41. Peter Dreyfuss 42. Epsilon 43. McKenzie Airfield 44. Rottweiler 45. Ballas